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Just One Firefly - 211 Anthem

A Star

Alexander Star

Alexander Star is an Emmy-nominated recording artist, known for using songwriting to spark positive social impact.  Having penned campaign anthems for MSC Cruises, Super Bowl LIV, Xtreme Action Park, Montessori Model United Nations and Feeding South Florida - Star has become a leader in aligning empowering lyrics with notable causes.  

Alexander Star has spent nearly a decade using the art of songwriting to help teens in foster care build self-confidence and express their stories.  He recently collaborated with teens served by HANDY, Inc. to create 'Library of Us,' an original album outlining the many challenges faced by kids in the system.  Rather than following trends, Star writes songs with as much intention to uplift and inspire as he does to entertain and impress.

Now, in collaboration with 211 Broward, Alexander Star has created a new anthem entitled "Just One Firefly."  The song is dedicated to highlighting the many ways that 211 is a guiding light for so many people in need "When it's bright outside, a shadow can't do much to block your vision.  But when it's pitch black, even the tiniest hint of light can cut through the darkness to help you see.  The power of light is so much greater than dark; and like a firefly on a dark road, sometimes all we need is that tiny glow to get us where we need to go." - A. Star

Check out the lyrics video here!